“All Authority and Power”

“All Authority and Power”

The Bible says that Jesus had ALL power and ALL authority.  That means that there is no area in existence where Jesus does not have power and authority.  Curiously, Jesus gives that power for His name’s sake and His kingdom, to those who believe in Him...
Jan. 13  “The Work of the Lord”

Jan. 13 “The Work of the Lord”

A disciple is on the pathway to becoming like the Master. If you are a disciple of Christ, His work is in the process of becoming your work. What did Jesus do? He was a carpenter by trade, and yet we know Him more for His other work. If His work is becoming my work,...
Oct 28  “Imaginations Out of Control”

Oct 28 “Imaginations Out of Control”

This is an abbreviated part of the sermon.  Conditions exist today “as in the days of Noah”.  The earth swelled in population in the days of Noah, but never like today.  It took 1900 years from Jesus’ time for the population to increase to 1...


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