Dec. 16  “The Joy of the Lord”

Dec. 16 “The Joy of the Lord”

The scripture says the joy of the Lord is our strength. What is that joy and where can we get it? Do I have strength without joy? There will be trials that come our way, that strength, funded by the joy of the Lord, will be necessary. Without that strength, we fail....
Dec. 9  “Prince of Peace”   Isaiah 6:9

Dec. 9 “Prince of Peace” Isaiah 6:9

Isaiah, the ancient prophet, is given revelation by God of a Child that would be born to bring peace to the world.  We know that Child to be none other than Jesus Christ Himself.  He brings peace to the believer first.  Ultimately He will bring peace throughout the...
Dec. 5 “Colossians 1, part 2”

Dec. 5 “Colossians 1, part 2”

EVERYTHING was created by Him, through Him, and for Him.  Is there anything you are not trusting Jesus to handle?  If He created everything, and uses everything, Why not trust Him with...
Dec. 2  “Is There Any Hope?”

Dec. 2 “Is There Any Hope?”

In the day of Jesus’ birth, the shepherds were despised, rejected, and untrusted.  Yet, to their hopeless state, the news of Jesus’ birth comes to them first.  If there is hope for the shepherds, do you not know, there is hope for you through Jesus...


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