Jan 30  “Colossians 3  part 1”

Jan 30 “Colossians 3 part 1”

Paul addresses the Colossian believers by saying “if you have been raised with Christ” What does it mean to be raised with Christ. If the blessings of Christ are reserved for only those who have been raised with Christ, it compels us, “Have I been...
Jan 20 “The Teachings of the Lord”

Jan 20 “The Teachings of the Lord”

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount was the greatest sermon ever preached. In it, Jesus teaches all who would follow Him as disciples to bring life. Joshua, the Old Testament deliverer, told the Israelites to choose life. How are we to bring life as a follower of...
Jan. 16   “Colossians 2 part 1”

Jan. 16 “Colossians 2 part 1”

Paul shared the gospel. A simple truth, but a profound statement on the life of Paul.. He shared the gospel. Those who followed Paul also shared the gospel. Someone had to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with you in order that you might make a decision to trust Jesus...
Jan. 13  “The Work of the Lord”

Jan. 13 “The Work of the Lord”

A disciple is on the pathway to becoming like the Master. If you are a disciple of Christ, His work is in the process of becoming your work. What did Jesus do? He was a carpenter by trade, and yet we know Him more for His other work. If His work is becoming my work,...
Jan 6  “The Identity of the Lord”

Jan 6 “The Identity of the Lord”

Who is Jesus to you? It is the most important question you will ever answer. Your eternity and your life right now are completely impacted with how you answer that question. Is it enough to know who He is, or is there more? Listen as the story of Jesus with His...


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