May 31   “Pentecost”   John 14:16

May 31 “Pentecost” John 14:16

On Pentecost Sunday we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit on those early believers who would become the church. The power of the Holy Spirit makes a transformed life possible. So many people try to live independently from God. Good luck! It will never work...
May 20  “Tribute to Ravi Zacharias”  John 14:19

May 20 “Tribute to Ravi Zacharias” John 14:19

Jesus says to all who believe in Him, “Because I live, you live”. That statement made a life-changing difference in a 17 year old Indian teenager who became one of the world’s most outstanding Christian apologists. Jesus Christ can change your life...
“A Place For Us”   John 14:1-6

“A Place For Us” John 14:1-6

We lost the perfect presence of God in the garden of Eden.  But God, who is rich in mercy & grace, has restored that relationship through Jesus Christ.  In John 14, we see that Jesus is preparing a place for us.  But even now, we have our place in Him as the very...


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