Feb. 10, 2021  “According to Your Deeds”  Romans 2

Feb. 10, 2021 “According to Your Deeds” Romans 2

Are we saved by grace or by works? What is the role of our good or bad works in our lives? Paul says that “God will render to each one according to his deeds”. How does this make sense if we are saved by grace? Listen to what the Bible says about grace and...

October 11, 2020 “Grace, Greater Than Our Sin”

It is hard to believe that in the face of expressed love and undeserved grace, that we would ever reject it or take it for granted. But the reality is that we are all guilty of stepping on the grace extended out way. Praise the Lord, God’s grace is greater than...
Jan 30  “Colossians 3  part 1”

Jan 30 “Colossians 3 part 1”

Paul addresses the Colossian believers by saying “if you have been raised with Christ” What does it mean to be raised with Christ. If the blessings of Christ are reserved for only those who have been raised with Christ, it compels us, “Have I been...


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