July 14, 2021   “Real Courage Encourages”

July 14, 2021 “Real Courage Encourages”

Christians are being especially challenged by the American culture to have compromise over courage. Toleration and acceptance of false religions, false gods, and false ideas are the new cultural virtues. The good news of the Gospel tells the story of God to save,...
May 20  “Tribute to Ravi Zacharias”  John 14:19

May 20 “Tribute to Ravi Zacharias” John 14:19

Jesus says to all who believe in Him, “Because I live, you live”. That statement made a life-changing difference in a 17 year old Indian teenager who became one of the world’s most outstanding Christian apologists. Jesus Christ can change your life...
Colossians 3 part 2

Colossians 3 part 2

The Apostle Paul appeals to the Colossians to remind them that the true Gospel involves the believer being both JUSTIFIED and SANCTIFIED by the Savior.  Do you know that you are going to heaven?  How can you be sure?  Does Jesus want you to doubt your...


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